E-commerce websites in Bangladesh offer a multitude of products and they really excite people and motivate them to make a purchase. Their quality offered is of the highest standard so people from various countries are interested in buying products from various Bangladeshi eCommerce websites. But many of these websites have limitations of international shipping due to logistics cost. Bangladesh is known for T-shirt, ethnic dresses, imitation jewelries, spices & many more things. So, the people residing in India get absolute access to these products but the ones living abroad can only view those products as they can’t be shipped to their doorsteps. Lot of international buyers along with NRI’s want to purchase these products from Bangladesh. Fox Parcel along with their courier partners are here to support these buyers by offering subsidized shipping rates.

Fox Parcel understands the problems of retail and eCommerce businesses and also knows the limitations of purchase faced by people living outside Bangladesh. Fox Parcel acts as a bridge between the foreign customer and the service providers in India. We ensure that a person residing in another country can not only view the product but also can order it and get it shipped! Our service is cost-effective and extremely efficient, reducing international shipping costs for global customers. This is a great reliever for foreign customers as they can get the products they demand in manifold. Just drop in your address and wait for us to ship your parcels safely, in a timely manner.

Not only that, Fox Parcel also knows the hassles involved in shipping general parcels to various countries across the world. We ship a extensive variety of things that range from documents, parcels, gift items, electrical goods, computer accessories, hardware, garments, home appliances, non-commercial shipments, and more. We offer impressive standard shipping with 3-7 days(approximately) delivery time required. Apart from all that, we also provide these services at competitive rates that further increases your benefits by opting for Fox Parcel.

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