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Britain has always had a strong trade relationship with Bangladesh. This makes understanding import requirements to this small Asian nation crucial.

Bangladesh is a relatively-new country, founded in 1971. Until that time, the country was a part of Pakistan, but feuding caused a split that created this small but populous nation. Bangladesh has just over 164 million citizens crammed into a mere 144,000 square kilometers, earning the area the designation as one of the most densely-populated nations in the world. Despite the strong working base, the economy of Bangladesh is hurting. Widespread unemployment leads to high poverty rates. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh is a distinct problem for neighboring nations as the citizens seek for viable employment wherever they can find it. Political upset and rivalry have also taken their toll upon the nation. Bangladesh is an anomaly in the Middle East, however, as the two main political rivals are women; this is especially significant when you consider that the country is mainly Islamic and Hindu in religious affiliation.

While challenges remain in Bangladesh, there have been improvements that appear promising. The country’s leadership has worked hard to reduce the out-of-control population growth, address poverty and focus on the country’s health and education. While agriculture is still the major source of economic strength in the nation, gas has recently become a growing sector in Bangladesh. The country is also a strong producer of textiles, tea, rice, fish, leather, mangoes, mustard, bananas, potatoes and onions.

Import Restrictions for Send Cheap Parcels to Bangladesh

The United Kingdom/USA, China & India does have strong connections to Bangladesh. A significant number of British businesses either have offices in the country or partner with companies in Bangladesh. Also, there are extensive familial and social connections between the two nations, making private shipments frequent.

While Bangladesh does restrict and prohibit some items from importation, they also publish a list of products that are exempt from customs. In most cases, these products promote industries or concerns that the government wishes to encourage. Exempted products include:

    • raw materials to create medications,
    • generators for private power,
    • leather goods,
    • raw materials and machinery for producing textiles,
    • solar power equipment,
    • relief goods,
    • importations made through the United Nations,
    • goods to accommodate poultry farming,
  • and items intended to improve the living conditions of the blind and mentally retarded.

Prohibitions and restrictions are in place for other categories of goods. This list includes:

    • packages containing batteries,
    • ball bearings,
    • ice,
    • gold,
    • jewellery,
    • paint,
    • perfume,
    • metals,
    • corrosive material,
    • infectious substances,
    • graphite,
  • and alcohol.

The National Board of Revenue governs all customs and import concerns; to find out more information about prohibitions and restrictions, see their website found here.

Useful Information Send Cheap Parcels to Bangladesh

While most packages sent for import into Bangladesh will be subject to the Value Added Tax, some items may be exempt. The flat rate for the VAT is 15 per cent; however, importers who are considered “cottage industries” do not have to pay the VAT. Importers who wish to be designated as a cottage industry must keep their annual imports under a specified amount.

To expedite the importation process, Bangladesh makes it customs forms available on their website, referenced above. This also provides an easy to contact the National Board of Revenue directly for questions or clarification.


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