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Send a parcel to Kuwait from Bangladesh

Send a parcel to Kuwait from Bangladesh

We have lots of courier services for Cargo to Kuwait available to buy online. This includes options where you drop-off your parcel at a local shop or Post Office, and others that are collected by the courier directly from your home or work.

From $10.00

Simply use the ‘ sent a message or call/Whats app: +8801716819115’ box to the right to get a price for sending your parcel.

Useful information for sending a parcel to Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is an Arab country with a name that means “fortress built near water” is situated at the tip of the Persian Gulf and shares a land border with both Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The country became a protectorate of the British Empire after the First World War but gained independence in 1961. Almost thirty years later the UK, along with other Western allies came to the aid of the country after it was invaded by Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army.

Kuwait is often cited as one of the five wealthiest nations based on per capita income – with almost the entirety of that wealth resulting from oil exports. For such a geographically small country, it is surprising that it has an estimated 10% of the world’s oil reserves. Despite its wealth, Kuwait was affected by the world economic crisis that began in 2008 which resulted in the Central Bank of Kuwait implementing an economic stimulus package – much like the indebted nations of the West and elsewhere.

Parcel delivery to Kuwait is a relatively speedy process given its location. We expect parcels to be shipped to the Middle-Eastern sovereign state within two to three days.

The Kuwait General Administration of Customs website kindly gives a list of restricted items for import, however it is in Arabic. We can see, however, that much of the list is food related, which we do not offer carriage for. If do wish to seek clarification of the Kuwaiti import restrictions we suggest that you contact the local customs office.

It is possible that personal effects such as books and clothing are exempt from duty as long as they arrive by air – which they should be if sent from the UK. Other sources state that computers, radio equipment and wireless telephones are restricted, as well as pork products and gambling equipment. Furthermore, all printed and electronic media is liable to censorship or confiscation.

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