How does AliExpress Bangladesh work? Although AliExpress has been around for a few years, we still hear this question often, so in this article, we will explain how to buy on AliExpress

This is a detailed guide with all the steps to follow before buying a product in this famous online store and we will answer the most frequently asked questions that you ask us through the blog comments. We will teach you how to find branded products, identify a good seller, what payment methods this Chinese online shopping platform allows, how to contact sellers … So if you are new or have any questions, read on! This article will be very useful to you.

What is AliExpress? Is it safe to buy on this from Bangladesh?

AliExpress has become one of the largest online sales platforms in the world. This Chinese store is billing three times more than Amazon and eBay combined and is establishing itself as the first purchasing platform in many countries. Millions upon millions of people like you who shop on AliExpress. Although one thing needs to be clarified: AliExpress is not an online store, but rather a platform that acts as an intermediary and connects thousands of sellers with millions of buyers.

Therefore, AliExpress deals with very important issues such as checking that sellers are complying with the stipulated standards, protecting the buyer if any problem occurs, saving your money until you have confirmed receipt of the product and mediating against possible problems between buyer and seller. AliExpress is very little tolerant of sellers who don’t follow the rules and punishes them by closing their stores and kicking them off the platform.

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How to identify reliable sellers

But another as we have said,  AliExpress is a platform that mediates between buyer and seller, so the seller is in charge of sending the order correctly, and that the product complies with what is promised in the product description. So it is very important to find a reliable seller. We will have to assess which seller provides the best products and has the best reputation. This will be done by following the steps below:

  1. Look at the seller’s score, which is at the top – right of the page. You will see medals (good reputation), diamonds (very good reputation) or crowns (excellent reputation). By clicking on these ratings, you can see the seller’s average scores regarding “communication with the customer”, “Item as in the description” and “shipping speed”. If the ratings are in green it means that they are above the AliExpress average, and the opposite if they are in red. Remember that these scores are awarded by AliExpress through the ratings given by other buyers to the seller, so neither AliExpress nor the seller can modify them.


  1. The second step is to examine consumer ratings and comments. This will give us a very good idea of ​​product quality and overall buyer satisfaction. It will also give us information about the shipping time and if the product is as described by the seller.


  1. Finally, if we wish, we can see how many people have bought the product from the seller. If there are enough sales and consumer ratings (the stars and the percentage) are high, we can be sure that we are dealing with a reliable seller.


  1. Whenever we have a question (no matter how small), the best thing we can do is contact the seller directly to have it resolved. We can ask you about the originality of the product if the product has the logo on it or ask for real photos. Anyway, when we have any doubts it is very important not to be afraid to ask, so we will avoid surprises when the product reaches us at home.

You already see that finding reliable sellers is easier than it seems. If you want more information, we recommend you read our article “ How to know if an AliExpress Bangladesh seller is reliable?

Differentiate an original product from a replica in Aliexpress Bangladesh

When we go to buy, in many cases differentiating an original product from a replica on AliExpress is very difficult since the copies are very well made. If we are looking for a 100% original product there are a couple of things that will help us determine it. The first is the price: if we see that a product is not much cheaper than in an official store, we can deduce that we are dealing with an original one (instead, counterfeits are much cheaper).

Second, look to see if the name of the product includes the word “original” because if it does, the seller is indirectly committing to send you an original product. And something similar, although even safer, are the products with this seal of “assured authenticity”.

How to buy from Aliexpress in Bangladesh / Payment methods/buyer protection

Aliexpress Bangladesh has Two of the methods we will explain below come with buyer protection  (HERE IS EVERYTHING EXPLAINED IN DETAIL). This means that you are protected by AliExpress if something happens with the order. When a purchase is made and payment is made, AliExpress retains the money until the product arrives home and you give it the go-ahead. Only when you confirm that everything has arrived well AliExpress will release the money to the seller.

It uses an escrow system, in which AliExpress acts as an intermediary retaining the money, and only gives the money when we have confirmed receipt or when the order protection time has passed.

1 – Escrow / AliPay – Buyer Risk: None

The Escrow / AliPay method is very similar to the Paypal payment system. When Escrow is used, the money is retained by a third party who only releases the money when the buyer confirms his satisfaction with the product. Escrow is a fairly popular method on AliExpress Bangladesh and also for making online transactions in general since it protects both the seller and the buyer. All you have to do is open an AliPay account and top it up with the amount of money you want in the account. As we have said, it is a very safe method made by AliExpress itself, so you will have many guarantees.

2 – Card – Risk to the buyer: None

When paying with AliExpress card you will also use the escrow system, so your money will be fully protected until we confirm receipt of the product. It is a very simple form of payment. AliExpress accepts Visa debit and credit cards, Mastercard credit cards and Maestro debit cards.

And if you are afraid to pay with a card, you can also ask your bank for the famous “virtual cards” or “prepaid cards”, which are specially designed to buy online: they have limited money that we will recharge ourselves, yes, check out they are Visa or Maestro.

3 – Bank transfer – Risk for the buyer: Medium

It is a less used payment method, and also, you can only pay orders with an amount greater than $ 20 (and only in USD), so we do not recommend it unless you have no other way to pay, since also Banks usually charge a fee for making transfers, even more so if it is in a foreign currency and an international transfer. Still, if you choose this form of payment, your money is also protected as AliExpress retains it until you confirm it.

Other forms of payment for Aliexpress Bangladesh

AliExpress also accepts WebMoney, Western Union, Yandex.Money, QIWI, DOKU, MercadoPago, Boleto, American Express … But above all, and most importantly, never pay outside of AliExpress since in case you have a problem with the seller, They will not be able to help you. If you want more information about the payment methods that AliExpress offers, click on the link and it will take you directly.

Shipping times for Aliexprees Bangladesh

Another of the most frequently asked questions is: how long will it take for my order to arrive? There is no one answer since this time depends on the shipping method, the country of destination, etc. … But the order protection time is 60 days, so that is the maximum time it can take, it is very important that, if it has not reached us within that period, we open a dispute to claim our money or extend the term of protection.

AliExpress Bangladesh Shopping Guarantee

For some time, AliExpress has incorporated a guarantee for many of its technological products: mobile phones, USB sticks … But what does it consist of? Well, this warranty, which has an additional cost that is normally already included when buying the product, is an independent service to the seller, so you do not have to worry that a bad seller has touched you since you can use it without having to speak it. You can see more information here.

You just have to make sure that the product you are buying incorporates this guarantee (since it is not available in all countries). If your product fails within one year of receiving the order, you will have to find the order in your AliExpress account, click on the “request warranty” button and fill out a form. Once they receive the request, you will have to send the mobile to a national warehouse and within 10 business days you will receive your new mobile.

Important note from Aliexpress Bangladesh: 

As of July 2017 AliExpress has stopped offering this guarantee for its mobile devices. We believe it is a temporary measure until they find a new SAT that can offer them a quality service, so we will continue to inform you if AliExpress offers a new guarantee. If you bought your mobile and paid for this guarantee, you can still use it. It is also possible that the seller offers some type of guarantee, that is why we recommend you review the advertisement, although we will have to send the mobile to its warehouse of origin.