Ecourier Bangladesh | The Best 10 Local Courier Service List

Ecourier Bangladesh Introduction.

Bangladesh emerging as a major country for the eCommerce and online selling market, several shipping and logistics service providers have also witnessed a boom in their reach and delivery. For each eCommerce business owner, it’s imperative to make sure that their orders are being delivered on time and safely. additionally to the present, they even have to make sure that their shipping cost isn’t eating into their profit margins.

eCommerce owners remain on a continuing lookout for affordable and professional shipping service providers in order that they can meet their delivery deadlines. Finding one that has the very best success rate along side decent pricing can get a tad bit confusing.

Here is a list of Bangladesh 10 Best and affordable ecourier delivery providers.

Amazon BD | Buy Items From Amazon in Bangladesh

  1. Pathao Courier

  2. PaperFly

  3. eCourier Bangladesh

  4. Delivery Tiger

  5. Bidyut Courier

  6. Fox Parcel

  7. Edesh

  8. Steadfast Courier


  10. Rapido Delivery


India To Bangladesh Courier Service

India To Bangladesh Courier Service Cost

Today We are sharing courier service cost from India to Bangladesh.

Want to Send Courier To Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet Bangladesh from India?
We Send Parcel from Delhi,  Mumbai, Kolkata, Surat with Door to Door Pickup Service. We are based in Kolkata and provides International Courier Service for India to more than 250 Countries in the World. Your Parcel will be Delivered to Bangladesh Safely with Full Satisfaction.

List India To Bangladesh Courier Service Cost

26-30 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.700 Per KG 
31-35 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.700 Per KG 
36-40 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.700 Per KG 
41-45 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.690 Per KG 
46-50 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.690 Per KG 
51-55 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.650 Per KG 
56-60 KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.650 Per KG 
60+ KG 3-7 Working Days BDT.650 Per KG 


Top Items People are Sending from India to Bangladesh

  1. Any type of Documents (Apart from restricted Items).
  2. Send Food Items to Friends or Relatives in Bangladesh.
  3. Clothes / Garments.
  4. Courier Handicraft Items to Kuwait.
  5. Parcel Books & Magazines.
  6. Urgent Machinery Parts.
  7. Jewelry & Precious Stones.

Fox Parcel Use op Most Trusted Brands like Qatar Airways, Emirates, US Bangla and Air India, and help you to compare the Cheap and Best Shipping Rates along with the fastest delivery time of your Shipment/Parcel. So if you are sending a parcel to Bangladesh, Choose us for safe and secure delivery.

For Company To Individual Personal Goods Or Sample From Company To Company

We can also assist you about documentation for Custom Clearance in Bangladesh.

Photo ID Of Auth. Signatory or Director
Signature Prof Of Auth Signatory or Director
IEC of Company Or Electricity Bill And Landline bill
KYC Form Signature and Stamp on 3 pages
GST Registration number
Tax ID number Required Brazil, Mexico, Chilli,
Invoice cum packing list


Door To Door Courier Service from Surat to Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you are looking for a cheapest courier service from Surat to Dhaka, Bangladesh than we are here to help you ! Yes you are on right company as we provide cheapest way to send a parcel to Dhaka, Bangladesh from Surat, India.  Now a days we ship lots of thing from Surat, India to Dhaka, Bangladesh, every one need a secure and reliable courier service which can deliver their product on time from Surat to Dhaka, Bangladesh. 


Cargo To Bangladesh from Anywhere in World

Are you looking for affordable yet quality courier to the Bangladesh from India, UK, China & USA ? Then you’ve come to right place. Here at Fox Parcel, we’re the best Door to door freight forwarders in the business. Why? Because not only do we know exactly what we’re doing thanks to years of experience behind us, but we ensure you know exactly what’s going on every step of the way too. Over the years, we’ve also gained access to a valuable number of global resources, which means we can now pass on the benefits of some of the most trusted international air freight networks, along with our expertise.


What We Offer
We’ve been providing international air freight services to the Bangladesh for businesses, small and large, for a number of years. Whether it’s small items or large pallets of cargo, we’ve carried out each and every job to the very highest ability and subsequently gained a reputation we’re proud to boast about. Within the air freight forwarding industry we’re now known for our;

Reliability – at Fox Parcel, we move everything from business cargo to household effects across the globe. We offer not only cheap air freight but a reliable service as our methods are truly tried and tested.
Local Service – while our main headquarters can be found in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we do our best to provide a local service. This means should you need your cargo collecting, we’ll happily pick it up from your door.
Options – here at Fox parcel our high quality air freight services mean we’re only too happy to offer you a fantastic range of options when it comes to transport and shipment of your cargo. Our air freight services just happen to be one of our most popular services.
Known Contacts – having many years experience within air freight, we’ve understandably built up quite the network of contacts and as such, no matter what each day throws up or what your consignment contains, we have someone on the other side of the pond able to help us.
To make things as easy as possible for you, we also offer a door-to-door air freight shipping service. We’ll send the relevant transport, as well as loading/unloading machinery should you need it, to collect your cargo, ready to deliver to almost any destination in the Bangladesh. We’ll also offer advice when it comes to customs and tax duty should you be in need of it, however, more on that a little later. Add to this our fully comprehensive insurance that’s in place at all times and it’s easy to see why we’re your go-to air freight company.

Air Freight To Bangladesh vs. Sea Freight
Did you know, year on year, international air travel to and from the Bangladesh is increasing? According to the BD Department of Commerce’s National Travel and Tourism Office, over 185 million passengers arrived or departed from Bengali airports, with many of them flying through key airports both domestic and foreign.

As we mentioned above, our range of delivery services, coupled with our years of experience make for a smooth service for you, each and every time. That’s especially so when it comes to customs paperwork, cargo tracking and the preparing of your air freight cargo. While sea freight offers those with significant volumes the opportunity to ship their loads efficiently, air freight is often deemed to be a more convenient option for those with smaller volumes.

What Can I Expect When Shipping Freight To The Bangladesh With Fox Parcel?
With Fox Parcel, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that not only will your customs paperwork have a knowledgeable eye upon it, but you’ll also be able to keep track of just where your cargo is from door to door.

Our air freight shipping to the Bangladesh offers same day international delivery for large and heavy parcels, ensuring your consignments reach their desired destination on time, every time. We achieve this thanks to our secure and reliable service from start to finish. Our dedicated vehicles are available from the offset to help collect your cargo with the necessary lifting equipment should you need it. With our dedicated trucks, vans and lorries, we offer secure shipment from pickup to plane. With our air freight contacts, we’ll then take your cargo from the world to almost any destination in the Bangladesh with same day air freight services for those of a time-critical nature.

Our urgent air freight services are hugely popular amongst those shipping heavy, bulky or perishable goods. This ensures your cargo is delivered in the state it was collected and for the perishable items in particular, still fresh. When it comes to the specific shipment of documents and parcels, we also offer a door-to-door courier service that combines with a “next flight out” option in which we offer you the next available commercial flight. This means you get to once again, enjoy our same day international air freight to the Bangladesh without any added stress of trying to organise it yourself, deal with customs, or pay the prices normally charged to individuals as opposed to our company.

Bangladesh Freight Available 24/7
Here at Fox Parcel, we want you to know that we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Should our current services not suit, we’d also like to make available a more tailored service to suit so no matter what you need, whether it’s same day international air freight or simply regular air freight shipping, we’re here to help. Our wide range of air shipping services include secure door-to-door courier services as well as rapid customs clearance. So, if you’re looking for the best air freight company in the industry for your air freight needs, simply contact us at Fox Parcel today.


The Coconut Company Bangladesh

To buy items from the coconut company Bangladesh. You can buy “The Coconut Company” Organic Coconut Vinegar with mother.

Please contact us for buy The Coconut Company Products in Bangladesh +8801716819115

The Coconut Company Bangladesh is Born
As Mike worked with the islanders to create a successful venture (and his love of coconuts grew!), he noticed the growing worldwide need for healthy plant-based foods and so, “The Coconut Company” was born. This venture provided much welcome new income for the coconut farmers in the Philippines.


Aliexpress Cash On Delivery Bangladesh

We are introducing a new service called aliexpress cash on delivery bangladesh.

Aliexpress is one of the biggest online shopping website where you can find thousand of best Chinese companies with their products. If you want buy with cash on delivery online shopping of any product of AliExpress just share its link with Fox Parcel. Just open AliExpress website and chose the product you want to import in Bangladesh and copy past its link in a email and send us. or you can whats app us for order request. +8801716819115

Why Choose Aliexpress Cash On Delivery Bangladesh?

  1. 600+ Million Downloads | AliExpress is now a leading e-commerce mobile App.
  2. 9 Years Founded in 2010, They become a top cross-border B2C platform.
  3. Serving 230 Regions, AliExpress is available in 230 different countries and regions.
  4. 150+ Million Buyers, The number of active shoppers on our platform.
  5. 300% Guarantee, If you receive a storage device with a memory capacity that is below what was advertised, you may file a compensation claim with valid proof within XX days to receive your money back, along with a coupon worth twice the order amount.
  6. World Most Cheapest Shopping Website.
  7. Yo need only paid 10% of your item price.

The 5 Best Chinese Online Stores to Buy from Bangladesh

5 Chinese online stores where you will find the best products for very low prices, do not miss it.

The 5 best Chinese online stores to buy from Spain

Chinese online stores can be a great way to get thousands of products for very tight prices. However, it is also easy to fall for scams so be careful. We show you 5 Chinese online stores to buy safely. Some of them even have warehouses in bangladesh to expedite the delivery of orders.

ALIEXPRESS (best china online store)


Aliexpress has become the most important Chinese online store worldwide. We could say that it is the Chinese Amazon, where you will find millions of products at prices that are hard to beat. It has been a few years since he arrived in Bangladesh, having many of his store clerks in Bangladesh to expedite the delivery processes.

This service offers many shipping methods, and has an excellent buyer protection policy. This means that you can recover your money almost safely in case of scam. 



We continue with Activa Market , another Chinese online store that has specialized in the sale of electronic products . In its catalog you will find the newest products from brands as popular as Xiaomi. Robot vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, smart watches and many other things can be yours for very tight prices.

The products are sent from their warehouses in Spain , which allows delivery times of 2 or 3 days. As for the courier services, you can choose between companies as reliable as Correos, DHL or MRW. The best option if you don’t want to wait for the products to arrive from China.



Lightinthebox is a Chinese online store that has a huge catalog of clothing and fashion . Without a doubt it is one of the best options if you are looking to buy clothing for prices as tight as possible. Shipping times are usually 6 days from Asian warehouses, and somewhat longer in product shipped from Hong Kong.

Something very important is that it offers the possibility of paying with Paypal and credit card . This is considered the safest payment method on the Internet, so you should use it whenever possible.



DealeXtreme is the Chinese bazaar you have always dreamed of , but with the difference that it is on the Internet and ships to many countries. It is a huge trade where you will find absolutely everything. Tablets, smartphones, drones, clothes … millions of products are waiting for you at very low prices.

It also offers the possibility of paying with Paypal , and shipments are free if you make a purchase of $20 or more, a piece of cake. In his blog you can find the best offers of this great store.

Amazon BD | Buy Items From Amazon in Bangladesh



We finish with Modlily , a Chinese store that only sells women’s clothing , so if you are a woman you have arrived at the ideal place for you. At the top you will find a menu that classifies all products by categories, so it will be very easy to locate what you were looking for.

Dresses, blouses, bikinis, pants … its catalog is very varied with all kinds of fashion garments for you to look radiant and spectacular. It offers a multitude of payment methods such as Paypal, Western Union or transfer.

These are the 5 Chinese stores that we recommend to buy safely. Remember that absolute security does not exist on the Internet, so you should always opt for the safest payment method, and read other users’ comments about sellers first.

Send Cargo to Bangladesh

Send Cargo to Bangladesh or From The Bangladesh

We explain how to send cargo to Bangladesh quickly and easily.

Whether you have already traveled to the Bangladesh or if you are citizen of Bangladesh living abroad !

Want send some cargo to bangladesh for your family or business?

We want you to have all the necessary information to send your parcel to the Bangladesh .

What documentation do I need to send cargo to Bangladesh?

In, once the order has been placed to send your luggage to the Bangladesh through our website,

you will receive an email with the documentation that you will have for customs clearance.

The documentation is as follows: Packing List, ID or Passport of the shipping owner.

Other documentation necessary to make the shipment and that will be requested by Fox Parcel at the time of ordering.

What can I not send to the Bangladesh?

Flammable items or materials, Perishables, Alcoholic drinks, Articles for research or pharmaceutical use, Medicines and illegal substances, Pets and pets

We are agent of DHL, FedEx, Aramex.

Travel to Bangladesh without worrying about luggage/cargo!
Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the advantages of traveling without worries. We are serving our customer from 2014.

Our logistics services are known internationally for being one of the most reliable, safe and affordable,

We take pride in offering the best in terms of service and quality. Enjoy the best features.


National and International Shipments.
Sending documents to and from the USA or from the rest of the world.

We are specialized in international freight transport.

Shipment Tracking.
We have intelligent systems for tracking packages and shipments, as well as complex special services.

Strategic alliances that allow us to expand our reach with the best delivery times.

For any inquiries contact us.

you can real also Thailand to Bangladesh courier service.

same day courier service

Same Day Courier Service Bangladesh

Did you know, Fox Parcel also provides a same day courier service to Dhaka? Our dedicated fleet of bicycles, motorbikes and vans is one of the fastest nationwide. From small parcels to large deliveries, our fleet is at your service.

Our urgent couriers go from A to Z with no stops or diversions. No matter the size, we have the right vehicle to make your same day delivery happen.

Get a courier quote via online & book your Fox Parcel same day courier today.


Do you need send an urgent courier? With our same day courier service, you can have your parcel collected quickly and delivered efficiently, no matter its size. Simply call us to advise on the size of the parcel, the collection address and how you want it transported, and our friendly courier can be with you within an hour.


If you need a same day parcel delivery, we are at your service. Our same day delivery courier can collect your parcel and deliver it to the desired address within the space of a few hours – all we need from you is the address and parcel details, and the method of delivery you prefer.

Courier service from China to Bangladesh

Contact Us

Motorbike same day delivery Only, Dhaka

  • Book a motorbike delivery for the fastest way to cut through  traffic
  • Items up to 5kg
  • Motorcycle delivery carries a standard A4 box
  • Same day courier service upon request – call for availability & a courier quote
  • Book your motorcycle delivery between 7AM to 5PM Monday to Friday

Bicycle same day delivery, Dhaka City

  • People powered and perfect for small parcel delivery
  • Our bike courier service is for packets and parcels up to 3kg
  • Goes where other vehicles can’t
  • Large, water resistant bike courier bags to protect items
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Book a bike courier between 7AM to 7PM Monday to Friday

Cheapest Courier from Japan to Bangladesh

If you are looking for a Courier from Japan to Bangladesh than we are here to help you !

Yes, You are on right company as  Fox Parcel we provide cheapest way to send a cargo from Japan.

Now a days we ship lots of thing from Japan to Bangladesh, India..

Every one need a secure and reliable courier service which can deliver their product on time from Japan.

We provide door to door courier and proper documentation including secure transit before making prompt delivery to Japan.

We provide online tracking system after shipment from Japan to your home.

We are pleased to introduce Fox Parcel – An International parcel booking portal for Japan to Bangladesh which is conceptualized in providing express courier delivery just a call  ! Yes you heard right, you are just a call away to ship your parcel from Bangladesh to Japan.

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