Best China to Bangladesh Courier Service (7 Day Door to Door)

China to Bangladesh Courier Service

If you are looking for the cheapest courier service from China to Bangladesh.

You are on the right company as we provide the cheapest China to Bangladesh Courier service. Nowadays we ship lots of things from China to Bangladesh, everyone needs a secure and reliable courier service which can deliver their product on time from China to Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide free packaging in China and proper documentation including secure transit before making prompt delivery to Bangladesh. We provide an online tracking system after shipment from China to Bangladesh.

We are pleased to introduce Fox Parcel – An online parcel booking portal for China to Bangladesh which is conceptualized in providing express courier delivery just at the click of a button! Yes, you heard right, you are just a click away to ship your parcel from China to Bangladesh.

Affordable courier charges from China to Bangladesh

How we send a parcel from China to Bangladesh?

Door to Door courier service from China to Bangladesh:

We will pick up a parcel from your door in China and will deliver it to any location in Bangladesh.

Free packaging material for your parcel before shipping from China to Bangladesh:

During the pickup from your China address, we will make sure your parcel is properly packed, it’s our responsibility to pack your parcel properly before shipping from China to Bangladesh.

Proper documentation before sending China to Bangladesh courier service :

We need proper instruction from your side before making shipments to Bangladesh.

We have multiple payment options for your China to Bangladesh Courier Service:

You have to make the payment in advance before making shipment from China to Bangladesh, we have multiple payment options for getting paid from you for your shipment to Bangladesh

Express courier: Yes! That’s our USP, We Deliver fast within 3-5 days from China to Bangladesh. We provide overnight courier service from China.

Money-back guarantee: If we couldn’t deliver your parcel to Bangladesh within promised business hours then we will liable to make you a full refund

Ship anything from China to Bangladesh:

India To Bangladesh Courier Service Cost

We ship almost anything from China to Bangladesh.

However, there are some limitations as per China & Bangladesh government regulation authority,

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