Cheap DHL shipping costs from China to Bangladesh

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Delivery from China to Bangladesh might be expensive using services like DHL, FedEx, UPS, Etc. However, it’s the quickest shipping method available.

Listed below is information on the costs associated with using various freight forwarders:

Using DHL, the minimal cost for express shipping of 0.5 kg of the product would be USD 37.14 (for “documents only”). The cost goes up by 0.5 for each additional 0.5 kilograms. As an illustration, the cost to ship a “papers only” package weighing 2 kilograms would be US$66.06. DHL’s minimum express delivery fee for “documents and non-documents products” is USD 47.79 for packages weighing less than 0.5 kg. The maximum weight for a single package that may be sent using the service is 70 kg. Express shipping for packages weighing 10, 20, and 30 kilograms would cost USD 196.23, USD 258.23, and USD 320.23, respectively, with the price increasing by USD 1.01 for each additional kilogram. A package weighing up to 70 kilograms will set you back USD 568.63, with an extra USD 7.47 to USD 10.23 added for each kilogram over 70.

FedEx: The expedited shipping fee with FedEx starts at USD 63.75 for a 0.5 kg package. It’s for FedEx envelope document deliveries only. It would cost USD 166.63 to ship a package containing “papers and non-documents” weighing 2 kg. If you’re exporting from China to Bangladesh using FedEx, you can send up to 68 kilograms at once. The maximum price for a package of 68 kilograms is USD 961, and there is an extra fee for each kilogram over 68.

UPS: For “documents only” envelopes, UPS Express Service costs USD 72. For 1 kilogram of items, you’ll pay this price. Unless you need an expedited service, sending a package weighing between 1 and 5 kilograms with UPS will cost you between USD 73.35 and USD 234. The “express service” rate from China to Bangladesh for a package of 10 kilograms is USD 381.15. The fee for sending a package weighing 70 kg is only $1,696. If your shipment weighs more than 70 kilograms, you’ll have to pay an extra USD 24.2 per kilo.