How do I buy from AliExpress from India in 2023?


In 2023, buying from AliExpress in India might seem challenging due to the government’s ban on the platform. However, there is still hope for Indian shoppers who wish to purchase products from this popular international marketplace. Fox Parcel, a reputable shopping forwarding service, offers a solution that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of AliExpress without facing any legal hurdles. In this article, we will explore how Fox Parcel can make it possible for Indians to buy from AliExpress during the ban, along with other related questions and answers.

Understanding the AliExpress Ban in India

In 2022, the Indian government implemented a ban on AliExpress and other Chinese e-commerce platforms due to security and data privacy concerns. This left many Indian consumers in search of alternatives to continue buying products from international sellers.

Introducing Fox Parcel Shopping Forwarding Service

Fox Parcel comes to the rescue for Indian shoppers by providing a safe and reliable means of purchasing from AliExpress. This service acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, facilitating seamless transactions and shipping.

How Fox Parcel Works

Step 1: Choose Your Product on AliExpress

Browse through AliExpress and find the product you wish to purchase. Take note of the product link, specifications, and other relevant details.

Step 2: Contact Fox Parcel on Facebook or WhatsApp

Once you have selected your desired item, reach out to Fox Parcel through their Facebook page or WhatsApp number. Share the product link and necessary information with them.

Step 3: Make Payment and Provide Shipping Details

Fox Parcel will calculate the total cost, including the product price, shipping charges, and customs fees. After confirming the details with you, they will request payment. Once the payment is made, provide them with your shipping address.

Step 4: Fox Parcel Handles the Rest

Now, sit back and relax! Fox Parcel will take care of the entire process, from purchasing the product on your behalf to handling the shipping and customs clearance. They ensure your order reaches your doorstep without any hassle.

Advantages of Using Fox Parcel

  1. Bypassing the Ban: With Fox Parcel, you can effectively bypass the ban on AliExpress and continue to access a wide range of products from international sellers.
  2. Expert Handling: Fox Parcel is experienced in handling international shipments, ensuring your orders are delivered safely and efficiently.
  3. Customized Service: The service offers personalized assistance, addressing any concerns or questions you may have throughout the process.
  4. One-Stop Solution: Fox Parcel handles everything from purchasing to shipping, saving you time and effort.
  5. Secure Transactions: You can trust Fox Parcel with your payment details and personal information, as they prioritize security.


  1. Can I Order from AliExpress? Will it be Banned in India?

    Yes, you can order from AliExpress through Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service, even though AliExpress is banned in India.

  2. How Do I Start Dropshipping in India after AliExpress is Banned?

    Starting dropshipping in India after the AliExpress ban can be challenging. However, you can explore other international platforms or consider using Fox Parcel to source products for your dropshipping business.

  3. Can I Order from AliExpress from India in 2022?

    Yes, you can order from AliExpress through Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service in 2023, even though AliExpress was banned in India in 2022.

  4. Can We Order from AliExpress in India, as AliExpress is Banned?

    Yes, you can still order from AliExpress using Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service.

  5. How Do I Have to Order from AliExpress as AliExpress is Banned in India Now?

    To order from AliExpress, simply follow the steps mentioned earlier and rely on Fox Parcel to handle the process for you.

  6. How is the Experience of Ordering from Aliexpress in India?

    The experience of ordering from AliExpress through Fox Parcel in India is smooth and reliable, as the service takes care of all aspects of the purchase and delivery.

  7. Will AliExpress Deliver to India Now That It Is Banned in India? I Made a Purchase on November 1, 2020.

    If you made a purchase on November 1, 2020, your order might be affected by the ban. However, using Fox Parcel now ensures successful deliveries.

  8. Will AliExpress Still Deliver in India After the Ban?

    Direct deliveries from AliExpress are still banned in India. Fox Parcel offers a feasible alternative for purchasing from AliExpress.

  9. Which Products Are Really Worth Buying from AliExpress from India?

    AliExpress offers a wide variety of products. The best products to buy depend on your preferences and needs.

  10. How Do I Get Products from AliExpress in India?

    To get products from AliExpress in India, use Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service as they will handle the entire process for you.

  11. AliExpress is Banned in India. What is the Alternative Marketplace for an Indian Dropshipper?

    Some alternative marketplaces for Indian dropshippers include Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

  12. How Can I Open an Aliexpress Seller Account? (Outside of China)

    To open an AliExpress seller account outside of China, you need to register as a seller on the AliExpress platform following their guidelines.

  13. As AliExpress has been banned in India, can one use VPN in order to dropship, and can it later be shown as a business expense?

    Using a VPN to access AliExpress for dropshipping may violate the ban and is not recommended. Consult with a tax professional to understand if such expenses can be claimed.

  14. Will there be any issue to shipped order, due to AliExpress ban in India?

    Orders shipped through Fox Parcel should not face any issues due to the AliExpress ban in India.

  15. Is it Safe to Order on AliExpress from India?

    Ordering through Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service ensures a safe and secure shopping experience on AliExpress.


With the ban on AliExpress in India, Fox Parcel shopping forwarding service emerges as an effective solution for those looking to continue purchasing from the platform. By offering expert handling, secure transactions, and a personalized experience, Fox Parcel ensures a seamless shopping experience for Indian consumers. So, if you want to buy from AliExpress in India without any complications, give Fox Parcel a try!