How do I trust Fox Parcel?

Fox Parcel, is a Bangladeshi technology startup, is a peer-to-peer platform that connects travelers and shoppers to give everyone access to all the products in the world. Within a week of launching the , Fox Parcel had received 1m hits from 10 countries around the world and 1100 deals were being negotiated among the close to a 5 thousand signed up members through the platform. We’re an Government approved , online, peer-to-peer platform that connects shoppers and travelers to the global market. And we’ve been operating quite successfully for the past 5 and a half years. 

As a shopper, you simply search for a product from anywhere in the world, find a traveler, and have it delivered to you. As a traveler, you can list your trip, deliver an item, and earn money. You can check our reviews and shopper feedback on our Facebook page and can check us out on YouTube as well. Once satisfied, you can place your purchase request. We can guarantee that the item we deliver would be exactly the one you had selected.  You can also check out this video revolving around our loyal shoppers: Youtube Video along with reviews on our Facebook page: Facebook Page

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