Meperfluthrin Price In Bangladesh [2023]

Meperfluthrin Price In Bangladesh

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What is the Meperfluthrin Price In Bangladesh?

As per update of 2021 January 25kg Drum: BDT 250,000.00

95% Meperfluthrin TC

Mosquito Coil Chemical 95% Meperfluthrin TC Good Price and Best Quality


Meperfluthrin TC 95%

Product Name: Meperfluthrin TC

Purity: 95%

Cas No.: 352271-52-4

Appearance: Brown solid (after melting become liquid form)

Package: 25kgs/drum

Net weight: 25kgs, Gross weight: 28.5kgs

Size: Φ330 x H440 x 0.8mm

Meperfluthrin is a fast-acting insecticide, it has a broad action spectrum against household and hygiene pest, 2 times higher effectiveness than dimefluthrin, it has been widely used as active ingredients by most of the mosquito coil and mosquito stick factories, especially in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.