Send Cargo to Bangladesh or From The Bangladesh

We explain how to send cargo to Bangladesh quickly and easily.

Whether you have already traveled to the Bangladesh or if you are citizen of Bangladesh living abroad !

Want send some cargo to bangladesh for your family or business?

We want you to have all the necessary information to send your parcel to the Bangladesh .

What documentation do I need to send cargo to Bangladesh?

In, once the order has been placed to send your luggage to the Bangladesh through our website,

you will receive an email with the documentation that you will have for customs clearance.

The documentation is as follows: Packing List, ID or Passport of the shipping owner.

Other documentation necessary to make the shipment and that will be requested by Fox Parcel at the time of ordering.

What can I not send to the Bangladesh?

Flammable items or materials, Perishables, Alcoholic drinks, Articles for research or pharmaceutical use, Medicines and illegal substances, Pets and pets

We are agent of DHL, FedEx, Aramex.

Travel to Bangladesh without worrying about luggage/cargo!
Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the advantages of traveling without worries. We are serving our customer from 2014.

Our logistics services are known internationally for being one of the most reliable, safe and affordable,

We take pride in offering the best in terms of service and quality. Enjoy the best features.


National and International Shipments.
Sending documents to and from the USA or from the rest of the world.

We are specialized in international freight transport.

Shipment Tracking.
We have intelligent systems for tracking packages and shipments, as well as complex special services.

Strategic alliances that allow us to expand our reach with the best delivery times.

For any inquiries contact us.

you can real also Thailand to Bangladesh courier service.

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