Best Top 5 Local Courier Service In Bangladesh

Courier Service In Bangladesh
There is a lot of local courier service in Bangladesh
Today, we are sharing The List of the Best Courier Service In Bangladesh.
Check the below list of the top 5 courier companies in Bangladesh.

 1. Sundarban Courier Service.

Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd started in 1983. The Founder, Chairman Imamul Kabir Shanto and is Head Office: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
This company engaged in providing domestic courier services and international courier services. It’s one of the top 5 courier services in Bangladesh. It has 650+ branches in all major thana of Bangladesh.
They offer a wide range of courier services in Bangladesh with superior quality.

2. Pathao

Pathao Courier founded by 3 friends in the year 2015
And It’s headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The company is providing domestic courier services in Bangladesh. It is one of the top 5 courier companies in Bangladesh.
It has offices in all major cities and thanas of Bangladesh. The company offers a tracking system and an on-demand courier service.

3. SA Paribahan

SA Poribohon, courier service is one of the popular courier services in Bangladesh. Personal-owned non-governmental organizations, also known as SA Group.
Currently, their courier services are expanding in various states including Bangladesh. They provide conditions, home, and office delivery services in SA Poribohon Bangladesh.
SA Poribohon service has established relationships with online shopping, eCommerce companies.

4. Paperfly.com.

 The company headquartered in Dhaka, Paperfly Ltd started in the year 2016.
Paper Fly, offer products that include Return Management, Fulfilment Services. Company presence in all 64 districts of the country. and operates in over most of the thana in Bangladesh.
It is one of the top 5 courier companies in Bangladesh.

5. Fox Parcel.

 Fox Parcel, is one of the best local courier services in Bangladesh. Headquartered in Dhaka, Founded in the year 2014.
They offer services, like same-day courier service, on-demand courier service.
Also cash on delivery, cargo service from any country. They also offer shop and ship offer for their customer