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Amazon BD

You want to import the world’s best quality product for you from amazon bd. but you don’t know how you ship it at your doorstep?
You often think of online shopping from Amazon BD, eBay, and other world’s leading online shopping sites but you are afraid of the payment method.
And your money goes somewhere else. If you are in the same anxiety, then we are the best solution for you.
You can do Online shopping from world-leading websites through us from Bangladesh.
Give us the chance to serve you through our quick services within 2 weeks.

You can get service

How can I buy from Amazon in Bangladesh?

We can do online shopping from Amazon and other leading international shopping websites for you. Amazon shipped only 2% of products in Bangladesh and the rest of the products it only ships in the USA and many of the listed countries in the world other than Bangladesh. Our company set up in America is responsible for getting Amazon products and shipping to Bangladesh. We will order your required products at Amazon and ship them to Bangladesh with the help of our USA office by the protected process.

What about the amazon bd shipping charges and cost?

We provide the best services with minimum shipping rates, and that is why we are reliable among our customers. Our standard shipping rates are from 10-15 USD per LB that is almost the quarter you would pay for direct shipping from the USA. We offer the cost of five elements in the order and these are actual cost of the product under order, standard shipping cost of the USA, shipping cost in Bangladesh on the order, international custom duty and Bangladesh’s tariffs charges and taxes and lastly, Fox Parcel service charges.

Is Amazon coming to Bangladesh?

Amazon coming to Bangladesh is not likely to happen till now. The only way of getting Amazon products in Bangladesh is that you come to us.

And tell us which products you want to buy from Amazon or other international shopping websites in Bangladesh.

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