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Etsy Bangladesh ( BD ) is an online marketplace that specializes in handmade items, antiques, and craft supplies. On Etsy, anyone can open their own store and offer products in these categories.

The popular site started in 2005, when Rob Kalin, a painter, carpenter, and photographer, realized that there were no websites where he could offer his products. Along with colleagues Chris Aguire and Haim Schoppik, he designed and programmed Etsy, which came out in June 2005.

Etsy now has more than 850,000 stores, more than 1.4 billion monthly visits, and more than 18 million products for sale. With sales of nearly a million dollars in 2020, Etsy has grown substantially from its humble beginnings.

On Etsy Bangladesh, you can find inspiration to design your own projects, get materials, and buy unique products, whether they’re antiques or crafts. Etsy also has online forums, groups, and workshops, in addition to sponsoring events in different parts of the world.

How to use Etsy in Bangladesh?

Esty Bangladesh recently created a Bangladeshi Version of her site. Although the product descriptions in English are not translated, the site navigation is completely in our language.

To access the Spanish version, you need to enter the main page and go to the end. There in small blue letters, you will see the word English next to a small image of the world in gray.

Click on English, and you will be able to access a list of available languages. You can also choose your currency and region, to find products that are sent specifically to your country.

How to buy on Etsy Bangladesh?

On, you can find products to decorate, furniture, jewelry, costume jewelry, clothing, accessories, toys, gifts, and almost any item you need. What sets Etsy apart from other sites is that its products are artistic, different, and full of style.

To find something on Etsy, you can use the search engine at the top, visit the different categories on the left, or read some of the lists of recommended ideas and products.

Once you find a favorite product, carefully read the product, shipping, and payment information. Each store on Etsy has different rules and conditions.

For example, some products are made to order, so it may take longer to ship, others may be modified with your colors. Shipping charges vary by store and product, as well as methods of payment.

The most common form of payment on Etsy is Paypal, as it is a safer way to make transactions online. You can open a Paypal account for free, which will serve you to make transactions almost anywhere on the web.

If you have any questions about a product, you can send the seller a message before making the purchase. Just click “contact seller” in the product information section. You can also see the opinions of people who have bought a product and add it to your favorites if you want to buy it at another time and find it easily.

How to sell on Etsy from Bangladesh?

One of the reasons Etsy Bangladesh has grown so much is because of the possibility that ordinary people have to offer their products in a safe way and where their talents are appreciated.

If you know how to cook, create wooden items, design business cards, make jewelry, or some other handmade talent, you can open an Etsy store.

If you are fond of antiques and spend your time searching for interesting items at thrift stores, you can open an Etsy store to resell them.

Etsy has no membership fees. To list an item you must pay $ 0.20 and a 3.5% commission once the product is sold. You decide the conditions of your store, the name, and the design. Opening a store is fairly quick and easy, but if you need help Etsy has a help section to answer your questions.

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