Import from China to Bangladesh

For 5 years, at Fox Parcel, we have helped both SMEs and large multinationals to improve their import flows from China. Thanks to the extensive network of own offices that we have in China, as well as first-class agents in Asia.

At Fox Parcel, we understand that each country is different. therefore, we have adapted our procedures to the local needs of our clients.

We have a series of preferential agreements with shipowners, which allows us to guarantee very competitive spaces and freights to our customers.

In addition, we offer quality checks on purchases you make in China, to ensure that you receive just what you ordered, in the time you need it.

Through our Fox Parcel tracking system, our customers have total visibility of their shipments, from the purchase order (PO) to the final reception.
Although China is the factory of the world, knowing what to buy, as well as controlling quality and price are extremely complicated tasks.

The key to our unbeatable service is to have a network of agents in the main ports of the world and with our own offices in China. From there, we control everything related to your imports. We feed our computer system from the first moment, we negotiate the space and the best maritime freight conditions, we give advice on the particularities of each loading point and coordinate with the Chinese exporters.

Also, if your cargo is urgent, at Fox Parcel we offer you an incomparable air service, thanks to the preferential agreements we have with the main airlines: China Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, etc.

That the import of your merchandise does not generate ant expenses.
Maritime consolidated own from China to Bangladesh.
We have weekly departures from the cities of Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Kaohsiung and Keelung.

Our advantages:

Do not depend on a third party to consolidate and desconoslidar your load.
Door to door service.
Five days free of storage once the container is deconsolidated.
Discover the best air and sea transport solutions to import from China with the best freight rates.