Thailand to Bangladesh courier service

Thailand to Bangladesh courier service

Courier to Bangladesh From Thailand

Here are kinds of delivery methods when it comes to Thailand to Bangladesh courier service. But any type of importer or buyer you are, courier logistics is a must for the following two kinds of specific cases.

  • A sample or small quantity goods transportation needs a courier
  • Original shipping documents transportation need a courier

With express courier services, you get every package hand-delivered anywhere in the world within 1 week. No need to clear shipments personally if low value, such as under $2,000 for U.S. imports. Besides, you can save on freight charges for smaller packages, even more, competitive than LCL sea shipping.

As you may know, DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT (FedEx acquires TNT on May 25, 2016) is the top 4 couriers of the world. All of them have a sizable share of the express market.

Especially you are waiting for the documents provided by Thai vendors, such as the original B/Lor Certificate of Origin for customs clearance and pickup.

Time cost and money cost are the two main concerns when you make a decision in the international trade business. We had a post comparing what’s the delivery time of different carriers. The conclusion is there’s no big difference of the top 4. Normally all the delivery can be done within one week.

DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT are famous brands known by people in every country. They have a worldwide shipping network.

So choosing either one of them will never be wrong. But if there’s a chance for saving dollars, nobody says no.

Thailand to Bangladesh courier service, So let’s just focus on the rates.

If one is cheaper, we can take it as our primary choice. We’ll select the rate from the 4 official websites (all English version) for a comparison.

Each courier may have different delivery variables and options to choose from, such as International First/Priority/Economy, so it’s difficult to make apples to apple comparison. Since we have explained the time issue above (within one week), we’ll look only into the cheapest one.

All prices are calculated by each official tool online on the same day. Lower negotiated rates or discounted rates from any sources are not taken into account.

Courier to Bangladesh from Thailand

We work with top of the world’s most trusted courier companies, meaning you can always be sure that your documents, parcels or samples are in good hands, no matter how far around the world they are traveling.

A lot of people would think that international shipping is a complicated and expensive task before they come to us. This doesn’t have to be the case and you might just be surprised at how easy it is using the cheap courier services available from us.

We offer a range of postage options, so you can choose the one that best suits your package and bank balance. Besides, we’d love to share our experiences, but as you know, different destinations and unlimited weight/volume data make it harder, to sum up many basic rules.

The cheapest courier selection is based on where are you located and how much weight you are going to ship. Besides, how much discount you can get is the key point.

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