Buy in China from Bangladesh

Buy in China from Bangladesh

Buy in China, is one of the best options to buy cheap that Latin American countries have, mainly because it offers a variety of items at a good price, which is why there are several pages to buy in China from Bangladesh.

However, it is important to take into account that not all Chinese sites offer the same or have the recognition that provides greater security to customers.

For that reason, in this post, you can find information related to the Chinese online stores to buy from Bangladesh more recognized, those that sell wholesale and those that offer cheaper products, among other data of interest for those who are entering the world of import.

Why buy in China from Bangladesh?

One of the main reasons why it is profitable to import goods and products from China is the fact that most of their companies offer very competitive prices thanks to their relationship with manufacturing companies.

Thanks to the existence of quality products at excellent prices, it is possible to import various items that are not sold in the Mexican market, resulting in a possibility of entrepreneurship for large, medium and small entrepreneurs.

Making Chinese companies trading partners of Mexican companies can be advantageous since the Asian country can be purchased quality products at a good price, especially the latest generation electronic devices.

However, the Chinese market has some complexity, which highlights the fact that there are many companies. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and study the options well before starting an import process, both wholesale and retail.

What to buy in China from Bangladesh?

China is a country where many manufacturing industries are located in a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices. Of course, its strong point is electronic equipment, among which stand out the high-end mobile phones and accessories.

In addition to high-tech devices, products such as:

Clothing for women, men and children
Automotive spare parts
Musical instruments
Industrial machinery

Tips to buy in Chinese stores from Bangladesh

To ensure safety when buying products in China from Bangladesh it is important to take into account some tips such as:

It is imperative to identify and analyze well the e-commerce pages of the Asian country to identify the most reliable.

Once a secure online store has been located, it is necessary to develop trust towards the Chinese suppliers, therefore, it is necessary to investigate their experience, the legality of the company and the rating provided by other users.

When a reliable seller is found, it is most appropriate to contact him, in order to clarify aspects related to the process such as the quality of the items, the methods of payment, shipping and everything related to customs taxes.

One of the most important aspects of buying online is the means of payment. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out operations in online stores that accept Paypal, which is one of the most reliable methods that exist to secure money.

Some of China’s online stores also accept bank transfer as a means of payment. In this case, it is not advisable to accept this method if the provider is not previously known, given that there are no guarantees in this regard.

The best pages to buy in China from Bangladesh
Within the universe of possibilities that exist on the web to make purchases in China, the best e-commerce sites are:


It is a very complete wholesale online trading platform that offers a wide variety of products at factory price.
Aliexpress: It is one of the pages of online stores with very well known retail because it has a wide range of products ranging from clothing to tools and vehicle parts.


This is an online sales page that offers a wide variety of products organized by categories such as:
Phone and Accessories
Woman fashion
House and garden
Beauty and Hairdressing
Computing and Office
DIY and Diy
Bags and footwear
Sports and Leisure
Home appliances
Men’s fashion
Toy and Hobbies
Fashion and Sports Shoes


Another site dedicated to electronic commerce of a portfolio of very varied products, organized in the following categories:
Industrial and scientific equipment
Smartphones and accessories
Costumes and dresses
Bags and shoes
House and garden
Beauty and health
Automobile and motorcycle
Computer and network
Jewellery and watches


Like the previous ones, this website offers many items both wholesale and retail. It also has customized products. Its categories are:
Weddings and party
Fashion and jewellery
Telephones and electronics
Home and garden
Shoes and bags
Sports and Leisure
Toys and hobbies
Beauty and hair
Baby & children
Mobile accessories
Small gadgets


It is one of the best and most recognized online platforms for the sale of technology in China, both for the quality of its articles and the competitive prices it offers in its catalog of:
Mobile phones
Consumer electronics
Electricity and tools
Hobbies and toys
LED lights and flashlights
Computer and office
Sports & adventure
Cars and motorcycles
Home & garden
Clothe, accessories
Health beauty


This is one of the online stores specializing in the sale of clothing presses, arranged in categories such as:
Babies and children


This is an online store specializing in quality clothing at a good price. It offers different models and sizes in the articles, which are shown in categories such as:
Extra size
Jewellery and watches


It is an online store that offers various models of clothing and accessories for parties or special occasions. Its segments are:
Wedding clothes
Special occasion dresses
Fashion clothes
Men’s clothing


It is a platform for online sales where you can find fine haute couture clothes inspired by European fashion, ideal for special occasions and at a good price. In her are categories like:
Beach clothes
Extra size

Chinese online stores to buy wholesale from Bangladesh
If you’re wondering where to buy wholesale in China? We will tell you that currently many e-commerce sites in China offer the possibility of buying both wholesale and retail products, among which the most important ones are:


It is a Chinese platform for the sale of various products. However, its strongest point is the high-end electronic devices available at the factory price.


It is a website specialized in the wholesale and retail of electronic devices such as phones, players, tablets, video cameras, among other equipment made with cutting edge technology at competitive prices.
Rosewholesale: It is an e-commerce store specializing in the wholesale of clothing and accessories of the latest trend for women, men and children.
Chinavasion: This is another page of wholesale online sales of high-quality electronics products and gadgets made in China, at competitive prices.
Chinese stores to buy from Bangladesh with free shipping.

There are multiple websites to buy in China from Bangladesh with free shipping, given that currently, some online stores offer the exemption of the cost of shipping the package or Free Shipping to anywhere in the world, including Bangladesh. In this case, the buyer is responsible for paying the corresponding customs duties.

However, we must be careful with this, because some of these pages add to the cost of the product the price of the shipment. Therefore, the best thing to do is browse well in various online sales pages from China to buy prices and choose the most convenient one.

Among the e-commerce stores from China that offer free shipping or free shipping to Bangladesh are:


It is an online store specializing in the sale of a wide variety of electronic equipment, accessories for mobile phones, tablets, toys and hobbies at competitive prices.
Miniinthebox: It is one of those online stores that have a wide range of quality products at a good price, which range from electronic devices to pet accessories.
Geekbuying: It is one of the best sales websites in China that offers various gadgets, electronic devices, accessories and clothing for women, men and children.


It is an e-commerce store that has a wide range of latest trends such as clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery and bags.
Tomtop: It is a website selling products from China in which there is a very varied catalogue of products, from electronic equipment to accessories for the home, pets, clothing, footwear, among others.
Newfrog: It is a Chinese online store that offers various items such as phones, accessories for vehicles, sportswear, lenses, among others.


It is an online sales platform that specializes in the sale of clothing and accessories of the latest trend, of very good quality at low prices.
Oasap: This is an online store that offers clothing, shoes, bathing suits and accessories of the latest trend and quality for ladies at very low prices.


This e-commerce site specializes in the sale of electronic products, video games and other quality devices at factory prices.


This is another of the most complete stores to buy cheap in China, since it has a very broad product catalogue at cost prices.
Chinese sites to buy cheap and safe
Even though most online stores offer discounts and offers on their products, it is necessary to inquire and compare if they really represent savings or if there are other sites where you can buy cheaper and more secure quality goods.

However, when it comes to wholesale or business-business those promotions and offers are not in the same amount as those in which you can buy retail products.

In this case, some of the online stores where it is possible to buy quality products at a good price are:


It is an online sales platform exactly like LightInTheBox, given that both belong to the same business group. Its only difference is that this store has stores in Europe and America, so orders arrive faster to Bangladesh.


It is an electronic commerce page dedicated to the sale of feminine clothes and accessories of the last tendency, in which you can also find men’s clothing.


This e-commerce page specializes in the sale of a wide variety of clothing for women, men and children. The items are of good quality and at a good price.


This is a very complete Chinese online store, which has a fairly large catalogue of products at low prices. It has a very friendly and easy to use the platform. It also has a series of categories in which it classifies its products for a better location.


This e-commerce platform offers various items for personal use as well as electronic devices, home products, accessories for decoration, garden, among others.

Advantages of buying in China

You can import different types of merchandise, as much prefabricated raw material as ready-made articles.
You can buy good quality products at a good price.
It is possible to import items in wholesale or retail.
It offers the opportunity to acquire last generation electronic devices that are not yet available in the Mexican market.
Some pages offer the service of sending the package for free.
All types of items can be purchased, as allowed by Mexican law.
How to pay in Chinese pages if I buy online from Bangladesh?
Most of the web pages destined to the sale of products from China have a list with diverse safe payment methods for the clients, such as:

Payment Gateways

Bank transfer (not recommended if you do not know the provider)
I will pay (recommended for payments above $ 20,000)
Western Union
Credit or debit cards Visa or Master Card
American Express credit card
These payment methods have different security indexes, but among them, the most recommended is Paypal, given that it guarantees the execution of the transactions in an appropriate way, even makes the reimbursements when an unforeseen event occurs with the shipment or merchandise.

Paying through Paypal is very simple and safe since you should not include any financial data in the online store page since in your Paypal account is where you make the records related to your accounts and credit cards.

Payments by Paypal are made in the following way
Open a Paypal account with your email address and a password.
Register your account or international credit card
Go to the online store
Choose the product you want
Select Paypal as a payment method
Enter your email and password
The process to complete the purchase continues.
If you do not have a credit card and you want to buy in China from Bangladesh, We can help you to make payment.